Terms and conditions



  • Booking : Online – By Phone – by Mail
  • Validation and Booking (no booking fees) :
Pitch Booking are confirmed upon approval and acknowledgment. Single night stay payment will be done at your arrival. Longer stay payment will be done the day before departure.


Camping Vallée de L’Indre could request a deposit for group booking.
Accomodation Booking are validated upon receipt of a deposit of 30% of the full amount of the booking and fully confirmed after the payment of the balance of the full amount, 15 days before your arrival date.


Camping la Vallée de l’Indre will confirm your booking by email. Bookings are non-transferable without our approval.




Arrival/Departure :


  • Pitches are rented from 2.00PM to 2.00PM, regardless your day of arrival.


  • Mobile-Homes : Arrival from 3.00PM to 08.00PM (07.00PM september and october) – Departure from 08.00AM to 11.00AM


  • Equipped Tents : Arrival from 2.00PM to 8.00PM (07.00PM september and october). Departure: from 7.00AM to 11.00AM


Late departure will be charged at an additional night price.


The number and names of the guests shall be identical to the booking made. The number of guests cannot be higher than the maximum number of space in the accommodation.


If you fail to arrive at the booked date, the booking will then be declared cancelled and the pitch/mobil-home could be sold to another customer. The deposit will be cashed in by the Camping and will not be refunded




  • Anticipated Departure :
Pitches: The camping will refund non-spent night in case of anticipated departures.


Accommodation: No early departure will give rise to any reimbursement except in the case of subscription to the campsite cancellation insurance.


  • Cancellation :
Pitches: Cancellation by you, no sum will be due, all sums already paid will be refunded.


Accommodation (if not subscription to cancellation insurance): Cancellation by you,
  • The 30% deposit will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation less than 30 days before arrival,
  • The total amount paid will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation less than 15 days before arrival.


Except in the event of a pandemic where travel restrictions or even containment or border closure would be imposed by a State, Region, Department or Municipality, all sums already collected will be reimbursed.



– In the event of Camping Vallée de l’Indre is obliged to cancel your booking, the amount already paid will be refunded and no charge or no cancellation fees apply.




It’s possible to take out cancellation insurance through the Campsite when booking. Do not hesitate to ask us about this, see the conditions below in the appendices.
TIPS: VISA or MASTERCARD users could already have a cancellation insurance as part of your Credit/Debit card services.




Check and Debit/Credit card are accept to pay the deposit (uncashed) :


  • 50€ as a guarantee for household and equipment for the DK Banes Tents ; 


  • 100€ as a guarantee for household and equipment for the Nomad 15-2 Tent ;


  • 150€ home Equipment deposit :
+ 50 to 80 € as a guarantee for the household for the Mobile Homes (if the cleaning option is not taken out and depending on the rental period)
The deposit will be given back the day of departure after our quality check in the Accomodation, in your presence. If there is any damage, the cost of the damages won’t be refunded or if the cleaning has not been done properly (as described on the instruction provided at your arrival), the cleaning deposit won’t be refunded.


A price sheet will be distributed at your arrival to explain the cost of the damages


TIPS : Think about your Civial liability Insurance.


One adult staying in the accommodation during the stay shall pay deposit. One adult cannot pay for multiple accommodation.


The cleaning deposit are requested to help to keep the accommodation in good condition.




Our friendly pets are welcomed in our camping. (Except Tent DK), provided:


  • To be 2 maximum per pitch
  • To be kept on lead in the campsite. Unleashed animals are prohibited.
  • To keep clean the campsite, their needs must be met outside the campsite.
  • To stay calm and avoid frequent barking.
  • To always been accompanied.
  • To not be locked inside a vehicle or an accommodation when it’s hot outside.


Mobil-home accommodation: 5 will be charged per pets per stay.




It’s PROHIBITED TO SMOKE in EVERY PUBLIC BUILDING (Reception, Toilet, Bike shed, covered area)


Every violation could be fined 68 (decree N°2006-1386 du 15/11/2006)




The swimming pool is not supervised. Using the pool is under the full responsibility and the supervision of the adults looking after the under 18’s.




In  the event of a dispute and  after having contacted the customer service  of the camping  , any customer who stayed in the camping, can contact a customer mediator within a limit of 1 year after the dated letter of complaint sent to the  business owner (tracked and signed). The contact details of the mediator likely to be contacted by the client are as follows: CMDC, 14 rue Saint Jean -75017 Paris.
Your arrival in the camping implies the acceptance of the complete rules and regulation and all contractual conditions approved by signature.




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