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Discover les meilleures activités touristiques de l’Indre et Loire
Discover the many tourist activities offered in Indre-et-Loire. From majestic castles to magnificent vineyards, passing through charming medieval villages, this region is full of treasures to explore. Whether you are a history buff, a wine lover or a nature lover, you will find activities that will satisfy all your desires. Prepare to be amazed by the cultural richness and picturesque landscapes of Indre-et-Loire.

Forteresse de Montbazon

The fortress of Montbazon is a historical jewel located in the heart of the Loire Valley, in Indre-et-Loire. Nestled on the heights of the town of Montbazon, this imposing medieval fortress is one of the most fascinating sites in the region. With its slender towers and solid ramparts, it perfectly...

The valley of Indre by Bike

The Indre Valley, located in the heart of France, is an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts. With its picturesque landscapes, majestic castles and charming villages, this valley offers an enchanting setting for an unforgettable bike ride. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or simply...

The Compostela ways

The Compostela routes in Indre-et-Loire offer an exceptional opportunity to follow in the footsteps of pilgrims for centuries. This region located in the heart of France offers several picturesque routes that lead to the holy city of Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. Whether you are a fervent...

Mini castles of the Loire park

Looking for a unique experience in the heart of the magnificent region of the Loire castles? Look no further, the Parc Mini-Châteaux de la Loire is the ideal place to satisfy your historical curiosity. Located near Sorigny, this enchanting park offers you a captivating immersion in the majestic...

Castle of Chenonceau

Looking for an exceptional cultural and historical experience in the Loire Valley? Château de Chenonceau is a true Renaissance treasure that will transport you to a bygone era. Nestled near Sorigny, this iconic castle is a must-visit for history and architecture enthusiasts.

Le domaine de Candé

Looking for a cultural and historical getaway near Sorigny? The Domaine de Candé is an enchanting place that transports you through time. Located near the town, this historic estate offers a unique experience in a majestic setting.

Familly park

Looking for a family getaway full of fun and adventure near Sorigny? Do not search anymore ! Parc Family Parl is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Located in the heart of the beautiful commune of Sorigny, this family-friendly amusement park offers an immersive...

Wood of the Haste

Looking for a rejuvenating getaway in the middle of unspoiled nature? Le Bois des Hâtes is the ideal place to reconnect with the tranquility and beauty of nature. Located near Sorigny, this enchanting place offers a peaceful setting where you can relax and recharge your batteries.

Lulu Park

Looking for a day filled with laughter and family adventures near Sorigny? Look no further, Lulu Park is the perfect place to create lasting memories. Located near the town, this amusement park promises you a captivating experience in an enchanting setting.

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